Testimonials – They Loved It!

« The boudoir photo session with Adele was an amazing experience. Before it started I felt nervous and a little bit insecure but Adele is the best supporter! It was so much fun and I didn’t feel lost because she guided me through the session.

She’s the person you feel safe from the beginning, even if you don’t know her!

I never had this kind of experience before so I was really excited for the results!

After months I really like to look back and watch the photos, which are just for me and my loved ones. I’m really proud and even though I was good with myself before, it feels good to look at my body how it is. This memory will stay forever, even though I might change.

I totally love Adele’s idea to show women what it means to be beautiful. Beauty is not defined by clothes, a hair color or a shape. Beauty is in all of us and I’m sure that Adele will convince you as well. Thank you so much Adele, xoxo » – C

This is such a beautiful experience, from the very first second. I admit I was a bit nervous because I usually struggle being comfortable with my body, but Adèle made everything so easy, it all flowed. I felt empowered, beautiful and so happy, not only while doing the photo session but every single time I see my photos. This entire experience really made a click inside about the way I look at myself. » – S

« Great experience, I felt so confident and comfortable during the whole shoot. And I’m so happy with the result!! Adele, thank you so much for making me love my body again. » – N

“WOW I am speechless!!! Thank you so so so much. I had so much fun shooting with you! Fully embracing my female energy and feeling so empowered and confident! I look at my photos every day and loooove them!” – C